Combine human connection with digital technology

With Aaron Spehr, Founder, Expert Confidential.

If you stand quietly and use digital technology to broadcast to your customer that you understand them or their problem, they will naturally gravitate to you. They will think, ‘That guy understands me. He knows the market. He knows what I’m going through. All of these other guys are talking about their commissions and I want somebody who’s really going to be able to work with me on a different level’.

Think about how the brain works

A webinar is a platform to transfer learning and build relationships. If you provide enough value upfront, customers will engage.

I build webinars in the same way that the human brain works. You have two sides of your brain – the left hand side, which is the logic and the right hand side, which is the emotion. When it comes to selling, you always pitch to the emotional side first, which opens the opportunity to then pitch to logic and then close.

How to construct a webinar

As part of the emotional pitch, you must appeal to the four feel good chemicals in the brain that get released whenever a customer experiences a sale. I weave these into my webinars in a way that will not only give the buyer a better experience, but also results in quicker and stronger transactions and better relationships.

Think of D-O-S-E.

Dopamine – is the feel good chemical of distraction. It is the feeling you get every single time you pick up your phone and you get a Facebook message. Mark Zuckerberg was interviewed by the US Senate and he said that he had addiction specialists come into Facebook and Instagram and tell him how he could weave the feel good chemicals of the brain into it like dopamine and serotonin.

Oxytocin – is the feel good chemical of connection in humans. When you become connected to something bigger than yourself, something like a community or someone that you look up to, oxytocin is released in big amounts. It’s also the feel good chemical of love and it’s the thing that we do crazy things for.

So for real estate agents this means, tell your story. Tell people why you’re in business, why it’s important to you, and why it means so much to you. Then ask your prospect the same. Get them to open up about themself. Where are you from? What interests you? And what’s going to happen is you’re going to start to create a bond that you simply cannot create in other ways.

Serotonin – is the feel good chemical of status. When someone goes through a course and is delivered a certificate, they feel a sense of elevated status for their achievement.

Endorphins – is the feel good chemical of effort. When we deliver services and products well, such as delivering an onboarding process or a gift pack, those endorphins get released.

So when we sell or pitch, we should lead with emotion and encourage the production of dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins. They shatter that glass paling which is going to open up for you to be able to pitch to the logic side of the brain. The selling then stops when you’ve given enough logical reasons.

The ideal time for a webinar is an hour. Spend 45 minutes to pitch to the emotional, the right hand side of the brain.

Then pitch to the logic for 15 minutes and close.

Deal with vehicle, internal and external false beliefs

The vehicle false belief is the customer’s false belief about the thing that you’re going to sell them.

They will have questions such as:

Has this particular development got the ability for me to be able to live the next 20 or so years in the ways of my dreams? Is it going to be that thing that I really want to move into? Will I (love, enjoy, live in and use)? Solve that belief and then move on to the next one.

The internal false belief is the false belief about their internal ability to be able to execute on it.

They will ask themselves:

Can I see myself living here? Am I a golfer? This house is on a golf course. I’ve never played golf before. I don’t know if this is for me. This thing’s on the water. Oh I will never really use it that much.

These are things you can prepare responses to ahead of time. So when they get to the webinar, you’ve got all this ammunition up your sleeve.

The external false beliefs are always about things outside the customer. They will have concerns about:

Resources, time and money.

Again, you get to stack up ahead of time to reveal the value. When people get to that final objection, the value’s so high that it becomes a no brainer for them.

So taking all these things into consideration your Webinar would be constructed something like this:

1. Address the vehicle false belief, appeal to emotion – ‘I’m going to show you how you can live in this estate’.

2. Move on to the internal false belief so talk about how it suits people from all different lifestyles: golfers, non-golfers, great community, meet friends, network, all that sort of stuff. This appeals to emotion as well, the want for a sense of community.

3. Move on to the external false beliefs. Stack the value up so high with all the things that you get in there and the price will just become irrelevant compared to the value and on top of that, you get to interlace emotion. You’re going to be able to do it for a minimal change over. Give them a big thing to look forward to without any pain or excess time. Add something about value, for $20,000 you will get xxx value for example.

4. Then give them three things that they can learn about, three big educational pieces – which again appeals to emotion because you providing something useful.

5. Move into logic and close.

Evergreen webinars

By combining human connection and emotion you can use digital platforms to scale and funnel. People are able to join a webinar from an email which could say, ‘Hey, we’d love you to join the webinar because you’re going to learn about how you can prepare your home to sell for the highest possible sale price’.

What we then do is prerecord it and send it live into the internet and it becomes what we call an evergreen webinar, which will provide a passive lead source for you 24/7 without having any staff needed to drive it at all. They click on it. Up comes a screen which says the webinar starts in three minutes and then they sit there. They wait for it to start and away they go. It’s completely evergreen, completely automated.