Discover your weapon

We are all individuals and within us, we all have a great talent and are good at a number of things. Find the main thing that lights you up and feed that talent within and play to your strengths.

I was a bit of a drifter in school. I lacked a sense of identity. I was an amputee at the age of 14. When I was 15, I was in the US to try and find a solution for my leg, which was causing problems. I bought a pair of Reebok pump shoes. I bought back a second pair of Reebok pumps, which I then on sold for double the price. I’ll never forget that rush I got when I sold them. All the people around me said, ‘That was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen, you selling that and selling it for more than what you paid for it’. Thirty years later, I still remember that feeling, I still carry that feeling. It’s one of my strengths.

I think every salesperson that sees real estate as a long-term career discovers the strengths they have within them. They educate themselves around those strengths and build structures to let them flourish.

A friend of mine, Dennis Pagan, took over AFL North Melbourne Football Club in the 1990s. He picked up a side that was running last on the ladder. Two years later, after changing his philosophy on how the players were trained, they were winning. Dennis says, ‘All I really did was discover the players’ strengths as opposed to training their weaknesses and playing around them’. Very, very quickly he turned the side around and they started winning.

Focus on your strengths. Go back through your history. When were you at your best? When did you enjoy your job the most? When did you love school? Discover when that weapon surfaced and then hone in on that strength and then build strength-filled strategies to focus and develop that strength. Find trainers, real estate coaches, even business owners that align to those strengths.

The agents that don’t make it long term really fail to find their strengths. Do things your way. For example, we are told that we should door knock to prospect when in fact you may discover that you are wonderful on the phone.

Take notice of the parts of our wonderful industry that really light you up inside. For some it will be the servicing aspect, for others it will be that moment when the hammer goes down or when you win the listing. For some people, it’s delighting their partner.

We just have to notice those things that light us up inside. Pay attention to those things and then see that thing and work out how you can get more of that into your world because that will be what customers are going to be attracted to.