How Virtual Selling is changing the game

Mastering DIY digital skills in the current environment has become a real and crucial survival skill in business and real estate is no exception. In fact, digital selling and leasing of real estate is a mandatory new skill in our industry. More than just a means to survive these turbulent times however, it has become an excellent opportunity to expand your pipeline of business opportunities.

Many sales agents and property managers have accepted the challenge, and those who have embraced and mastered the right technology for their non face-to-face digital inspection processes have very quickly created a massive point of difference in their marketplace. That technology is the Virtual Tours Creator (VTC).

VTC allows you to produce a professional, high definition, 360-degree virtual home tour within as little as 15 minutes. The 360 virtual tour generated by the technology gives buyers and tenants the feeling of actually being inside the property. They can share the tour with family and friends, giving them control over the process by giving them the sense that they are the selling or leasing agent. The more they explain the features of the property to their significant others, the more emotionally engaged and committed they become.

Some of the other benefits highlighted by agents using VTC include:

• Faster sales and leasing times
• The ability to weed out the ‘tyre kickers’ from the serious buyers and tenants
• Improved communication with landlords and sellers
• A unique selling proposition at the listing presentation
• Ability to sell or lease from anywhere to buyers in any location 24/7
• Significant time savings
• Full transparency
• The ability to use the technology to manage the property inspection and maintenance process from a distance.

There are no lock-in contracts and you have the option of having your virtual tours created for you or producing them yourself. If you choose the DIY option, I highly recommend Tom Dorawa from VTC to set you up. Tom is helping many agents up skill with a compelling, affordable and easy to learn option that produces outstanding results.

For more information, please contact Tom on 0468 638 900 or via email at: