Intelli SMS has an exciting new Integration

IntelliSMS’ and ‘Airtable’ Now Integrated via Zapier

Attention all ‘Airtable’ users:

Is Airtable part of your Real Estate agencies ‘Tech Stack’?

IntelliSMS has integrated with Zapier.  This means your favourite inhouse software, including Airtable, can be connected to IntelliSMS.

Now you can send automated text messages based on your Airtable workflows.  Leverage the attention-grabbing cut through SMS delivers so your business operates even more efficiently.

Send SMS reminders, notifications or communicate with services providers via text by linking your pre-existing Airtable workflows to IntelliSMS using Zapier. 

Events or ‘triggers’ from Airtable can send customised SMS messages from your existing IntelliSMS account automagically so your team is more efficient and effective.

Create your very own Airtable-IntelliSMS ‘zap’ to meet your businesses needs and multiple scenarios.

Below are some scenarios where Real Estate Property Managers can leverage Airtable-IntelliSMS ‘Zaps’ to deliver SMS messages:

  • Key return reminders and late key SMS reminders
  • Open home appointment SMS reminders
  • Tenant inspection SMS reminders
  •  Schedule maintenance SMS reminders
  • Communications with maintenances service providers

Alternatively, create your own ‘Zaps’ with IntelliSMS and Airtable or connect to the thousands of other software applications that are integrated with Zapier and now, IntelliSMS.

Contact ‘IntelliSMS’ today to set up your very own account, all new accounts receiving 50 FREE SMS  credits. Call Justin 0468 884 606 or email for more information.