Outcontribute, with Julie Masters

We cannot outshout anymore. We need to get smarter. With the rise of platforms like social, it gives us the ability to get very specific with our data. It gives us the ability to know exactly who we are talking to down to their ages, gender, where they live, what they’re into, what groups they like.

Once you have targeted a group, you can turn down the volume. You do not have to shout anymore to 1,000 people. Once you are talking to a smaller group, outcontribute anybody else in that marketplace by making a targeted contribution. And that’s where you will cut through, and that’s where you will get engagement, and that’s where you will get incredible results.

When we went to launch our business in the USA, we were a very small company, in terms of scale in the United States. Our competitors were people who literally had lunch with the Clintons. They’re people who represented the Clintons, the Bushes and the Steve Jobs of this world, and we were going to go into that market as a talent management agency and try and compete which was overwhelmingly naïve and just a little bit stupid.

So we thought, ‘Okay. We definitely can’t outspend. We can’t outnetwork. We don’t have those kind of connections. And we definitely can’t outshout anybody else in this marketplace. But what we can do is outcontribute everybody else’.

So we went to the core distributors, the people that were going to be bringing us the work, and said, ‘What are the top professional challenges that you have right now? Just give us a quick list, top three?’ We got all of those, and then we went out to all the smart people that we knew, and we did videos on each of those challenges, each of those questions. And we put together a twelve-week video program answering those challenges and those questions. No agenda, just contribution, and we went back out, and we said, ‘We’re new to the marketplace. So in order to make friends, we heard you, and learnt about some of the things you’re struggling with. We’ve actually gone out and we found the smartest people in those areas and we’ve got them to bring you the information that’s going to help you overcome those challenges and make the most of those opportunities, and here it is for you. It’s going to happen in the next twelve weeks. If you want to opt out, do’. No one did.

And that went gangbusters. Suddenly doors opened. People wrote back saying, ‘Oh my goodness, this is so nice of you. Thank you for creating that for us. Do you want to come in? Do you want to have a coffee?’

That’s the power of outcontributing. We could’ve just done a mass communication, and we could’ve bankrupted ourselves in terms of putting together this beautiful campaign to try and outshout everybody else. That doesn’t work anymore. Do the research and provide more value to the marketplace. Be useful to the community and the consumer rather than being just another noisy real estate agent. Outcontribute in a very targeted way.