Powerful Prospecting Calls in 2020

Prospecting keeps businesses alive…

However, sometimes there does not seem to be enough time to get on the phones to do it. The Meson Agency can help. On your behalf, they can make those essential lead generation calls, cleanse your database and professionalise your book of business.

John Angelopoulos from The Meson Agency explains how he came to focus on strategic phone calls. He says, “I started in real estate back in 2014. I instantly fell in love with it.” He did find the cold calling a chore, however. He says, “I decided to get better and started enjoying it.” John came to truly understand the value of the call and the keys to successful conversations. He says, “I like to mimic, to an extent, the person that I’m speaking to, because singing the words appraisal to someone that’s a bit too casual kills it. Also, being too casual with someone that wants you to be professional and take this seriously might kill it as well.”

John realised there was a gap in the market for skilled prospectors and lead generators.

Utilising his improvisational skills and understanding of the importance of personality, John started a business to help agents be more effective. He says, “When an agent gets busy, they rarely have any time for their prospecting. The next three months suffer. Then, they spend all that time prospecting and then the next three months, they’re good. Then, the three months after that, because they didn’t prospect, it suffers again, and it goes back and forth. We aim to give agents a consistent platform of lead generation. We’re there to cultivate a database and qualify those leads.”

It takes time to build relationships. John says, “You can’t cultivate a relationship with someone without having three or four points of contact with them. You also have to have good data and make good notes in your database.” John and his team take the time for you. The excellent communicators assist agencies in three ways – they work on lead generation, put in the hours on outbound calls and deal with enquiries. Meson staff identify potential buyers, qualify clients and upkeep data. Detailed reports of contacts, information and leads are provided which enable agents to work with precision and efficiency.

John’s Top Tips for Prospecting

Go beyond the dialogue
The problem with scripts is what happens when it goes off-script – what do you say? John and his team have the ability to improvise in a conversation, to respond to what the person on the other end of the phone is saying. This means they engage in authentic conversations, which creates trust. John says, “Where I started with the team was that I wanted us to sound as authentic as possible. I just feel you get a better result when you’re speaking to people as humans. Even if sometimes you say um, even if sometimes you mumble a little bit, if it sounds authentic and it sounds genuine, I would argue that that’s better than a script that sounds too rehearsed.”
John says, “Scripts and dialogues serve a great purpose, but as soon as a conversation goes off script, you start fumbling and mumbling. As soon as something gets thrown in there, or even just the pacing changes – it’s a challenge. The classic one is the developers. They’re always short on the phone. When you call a developer, they will say, “Yeah, well, yeah. Okay, sounds good, mate. Yeah, send that over.” That doesn’t fit in some scripts. You’re thinking, “What do I say? How do I go about it?”
If you want to go beyond a script and dialogue, John suggests workshopping and mind mapping – how a logical conversation happens. Identify all the different responses clients would come up with. Ask the following questions –
What’s it meant to sound like?
Why is the person that you’re speaking to getting this phone call?
What do you want from them in this phone call?
From the moment you start to speak, John suggests you should, in a polite and professional tone, state the four most important things that need to be said:

Tell people your name.
Where you are calling from.
Why you are calling them.
What you want from them.

Example: Hi, it’s John calling from the Real Estate Academy. You came through an open home on the weekend. Jim, our principal, just wanted to see if you’re still on the market looking to buy.
John says, “Those four things need to be in your introduction. By teaching people that, they can instantly chop and change. They can change the company instantly. They can change the reason why that person’s getting the call. They can change what they want from that person.”
With objections – you need to find the tangible reason for the no. John says, “If you call someone and say, “What did you think of the property?” and they say, “I’m not interested,” that is the no.” Don’t give up though – keep pressing – why aren’t they interested? Sometimes, it isn’t even they’re not interested in the home. Sometimes, you’ve just called them at the wrong time of the day.

How to make the best follow up call
John says, “With open for inspection callbacks you have to make most out of those leads. Those are arguably some of the best leads you can get for any sort of follow up call in real estate. Most people are busy, for others, sometimes it’s just not the right time. You need to be able to captivate the prospect’s attention instantly. You need to be able to qualify that lead quickly because you’re running a campaign. Plus, if they’re going to ten other open for inspections, they’re speaking to ten other agents. You want to make sure that you’re interesting. You want to make sure if they have a lead for you, you’re getting that lead, or you’re getting at least the thread of that lead.

Roleplay of the best follow up call
Lee Woodward: Hello.
John A.: Hi, Lee, it’s John calling from Real Estate Academy. How are you?
Lee Woodward: Good, thanks, John.
John A.: Very good. I just wanted to give you a quick call because you came through the property at 61 Webb Street last week. We just wanted to see what your thoughts were on that property? We’ve had a few others that are floating around, and we want to relay the relevant information back to our vendor.
Lee Woodward: No problem; it’s a great property, good size. There’s another couple there in that area we’re looking at, but it’s on our list.
John A.: Okay. Are there any other properties that you saw that were higher on that list? If it’s not too cheeky to ask you that.
Lee Woodward: No, this is top of the list.
John A.: Top of the list. Okay, great. Are there any other decision-makers that need to see the property before you make a decision? Or, is it just something that you need to sit on for a little while before you make a decision?
Lee Woodward: No, no, we’re both there together at the same time.
John A.: Okay. Terrific.
Lee Woodward: No worries at all.
John A.: If we were to have someone that comes past and makes another offer, is it something that you’d want us to let you know about, I’m assuming now?
Lee Woodward: Yeah, definitely straight away. Have you got any other offers?
John A.: No, no other offers at this stage. Look, again, it’s one of those situations where we might get one, and we have to reflect that straight away to our vendor. The best thing in this scenario, especially if you are interested, is to put your hand up and probably make the first step.
Again, I don’t want to force you into the decision, but if both the decision-makers have seen it, you like it, and you think it’s right for you, we can start the ball rolling at least with an offer and see what the vendors would think about it.
Lee Woodward: What do you think it will go for?
John A.: Look, again, the quote range was 1.1M to 1.2M. That’s the level where we’d feel comfortable making an offer. In excess of 1.2M, I can guarantee you’re going to have an excellent chance, and below 1.1M, again, I’m happy to put the offer forward, but I can’t speak on behalf of the vendor at that level.
Lee Woodward: Okay. I’ll speak to my wife, and we’ll come back to you.
John A.: Great. If it’s okay with you, I’ll touch base maybe later on today and see what you think? Otherwise, feel free to give me a call anytime between that.
Lee Woodward: Excellent. Thanks, John, for your call.
John A.: No worries. Thank you for your time, Lee.

Prospect on Saturdays
John says, “We have found incredible results when we prospect on Saturday mornings. We only call between 10:00 am and 12:30 pm. We get the whole team in so we can maximise those hours. The reason for this time frame is after 12:30 pm, I have to pay them three times the amount, so after 12:30 pm it’s just not happening. Before 10:00 am, we found it’s probably just not the right time to call someone. Between 10:00 am and 12:30 pm is the only mandatory call session, two and a half hours and we just smash it out. Especially with Saturdays, we try to make the conversation as comfortable and casual as possible as well. As it is a cold call, we don’t want to hit people too hard. They’re either having a coffee or at lunch, just trying to enjoy the end of their week. They probably worked very hard. We don’t want to hit him on the head too hard. We are energetic, polite and friendly on the phone.”

If you’d like to work with The Meson Agency
Every client is different, but in the main, your data will be exported as a CSV or Excel file, and it is inputted into The Meson’s Agency’s database, categorised under your company.
John says, “We work on it in our database, which allows us to make notes for us to follow up on and pass on warm leads. Some clients still want to keep some control, and some clients are happy to give us everything and even log us into their own CRM. An ideal client will let us upload it to our system, possibly even have integration to theirs, but it depends on the client.”
A staff member will make between 40 and 45 calls an hour. The average connect is about 13 and the outbounds are about 25 to 30. We take detailed notes, and full integration occurs. John says, “We just charge an hourly rate of $50 an hour, and that’s quoted depending on the size of the job. We also have a monthly retainer, which is $500 a week. The aim behind it is it gives you a consistent level of prospecting, but the difference, I guess between us and having an assistant in-house is that you can increase us or decrease us. Not less than the retainer, but increase us as you get busier or as you get quieter and you want to step away for holidays, and you still want more prospecting.”

If you don’t like making the prospecting calls – call in the experts. To get in touch with John, please email john@mesonagency.com.au.