Quick, Get me a contract!

Contracts just got faster

with Peter Matthews

Do you hate waiting for the sales contract? Getting the Solicitor to send agents the sales contracts has always been a challenge. Well not any more. Contracts have gone digital, freeing up your time to do what you do best – sell.

Realtair has bought the big players together, within a fully integrated environment to provide a seamless, customised end-to-end solution. Like it or not, consumers have an expectation of additional solutions and immediacy from their services providers. Realtair, using contemporary technology responds to the challenge. The tech does the repetitive, leaving you free to do what computers can’t do, negotiating the sale.

1. Quick contracts

In collaboration with the Real Estate Institute in New South Wales, Realtair can offer you REI Quicontract. CEO of Realtair, Peter Matthews says, “A contract can be ordered digitally by an agent. The system enables either the Vendor or Agent to purchase the sales contract. At the Agent’s option, this can be done directly, from the REI or through Pitch and Sign by Realtair and be paid for as part of the marketing budget.”

It’s quite incredible, agents are now in control, no more being held hostage to the conveyancer’s priorities. Most of the documents arrive in agent’s in-box within minutes of ordering the contract – unfortunately, some Councils are a bit slow! However, the sooner the Council receives the order, the sooner the agent gets the certificate. Having the CT comes with the benefit of ensuring the agent has the correct person(s) on the agency agreement, Peter says.

As soon as the sales contract arrives, it is forward to the Vendor’s solicitors and the agent starts the marketing campaign. Agents now have flexibility. You can sign up a keen vendor. Contracts can be executed digitally. You don’t have to contact a conveyancer or a solicitor to get the marketing contract. It is a single process and the payment system has been incorporated for the seller, so they can pay now or pay later. The days of faxing a solicitor to request contracts are over. Peter says, “If you get it right in one sweep, it means you can have a very streamlined, frictionless process, from pitch, to a settlement of the sale. We’re really, really proud to be part of that process.” Further, marketing contracts can be issued without contacting a person in the office. 

How it works

Using the Realtair product, Pitch, Peter says, “An agent can include the vendor, let them know what the budgeted contract will be, because it does an estimation. That then comes over to Sign. They sign the Authority on glass. And remotely that lets the vendor and office admin know.”

He continues, “Campaign agent gives agents the flexibility to offer vendors a pay now, or a pay later solution. An estimate, based on the geography and type of the property, sits inside the pitch budget. Once you put the contract estimate into your marketing budget, it will go out to REI Quicontracts, and come back with the exact value of that contract. It’ll update the marketing budget. And when you go to exercise the payment, the owner can choose to pay now or pay later. And the contract, along with all of the other marketing elements within the budget, is included in that single payment. It is executed digitally through Sign.”

Through Pitch an agent can:

Do pre-list through pitch.

Create a proposal.

Include elements of the contract and the marketing budget.

Create a signed Agency Agreement.

Know the exact value of that contract, including that marketing budget.

Provide the owner with the option to pay digitally now, or pay later.

Once this is done, the vendor and the office administration receives a copy and it also gets sent directly back to the CRM, as well.

Incredible. Something that was so labour intensive has now become seamless.