Self Isolation; Time for Training

It’s no secret that the Real Estate Industry has some potentially difficult times ahead with the current public health concern in the face of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The Real Estate Training industry will be hit hard in the coming months as the Australian Government recommends the cancellation or postponement of large events and mass gatherings in an effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Real Estate Academy will be taking on this advice, as the duty of care to our members and clients is paramount.

After the postponement of our Brisbane event this week, we have been asked the question; How do we keep safe from, and prevent the spread of Covid-19 without letting our Professional Development suffer in the form of face to face training?

How do we focus and stay up to date with an ever-changing market and invest in our professional development to stay ahead of the game?

The time to be responsible, and smart about training is now.

Training On Demand – TOD could be the answer.


As the name implies, Training On Demand is customised needs-based training that is created on demand as required. This means your people can complete the exact training they need, when they need it as often as they like. TOD starts with your questions that demand answers now. It’s the future of training.

Just as you can select a TED talk anywhere, any time from a vast menu of topics, you will have the opportunity to choose a TOD program, once you have built up your own in-house library, suited to the needs of an individual, a group of people (like your property managers or your lead conversion team) or your entire organisation. 

Sample TOD productions that could be customised to your specific needs:

• Presenting to win business for sales and property management• How to negotiate with all types of people in your community

• Managing vendor expectations

• How to get sellers to their next price and sold (price reductions)

• How to prospect for future business in sales and property management

• The digital multimedia company onboarding system, including your vision, values and company history showcased in a modern, engaging way

• Time and action management

The above are just a few examples. Training topics are virtually endless. Whatever you need now, we can produce for you.

Delivered as a digital TOD Book link and hosted by Real Estate Academy on your behalf, you will own all your TOD Books as part of your company assets. The assets stay alive as each TOD program is created digitally. This means any TOD program can be updated in real-time on request.


TOD allows you to train your staff your way with the support of Lee Woodward and Real Estate Academy as your learning and development specialists.

1. Customised training on demand – Tell us your most significant pain points right now, and we will produce the training to address and solve it when you need it most.

2. Build up a library of digital training assets that will live on forever – Each session can be revisited as many times as required for optimal consolidation. It solves the problem of lost knowledge when one of your best people leaves.

3. It makes your business more scalable due to the accumulation of valuable knowledge captured and stored in your own Learning Management System.

4. It’s instantly actionable – That’s the beauty of delivering training in real time. If you teach it when it’s needed, you can ensure it is mastered and actioned before moving on to the next training session.

5. It removes the pain from the onboarding process – You can tap into your growing library of training assets to teach new recruits on the job. And because the training is aligned with everything we do at Real Estate Academy, your new starter will gain so much more from attending The Complete Salesperson Course or our Property Management workshops, as they will be familiar with the terminology and the concepts before they attend.

6. Saves money – No need to hire a venue and pay for speakers and lost time on the job. Your team will gain access to high calibre speakers, including international contributors, via video or audio, for a fraction of the cost.

7. It can feature your own people for increased buy-in – The best talent is local and organically grown. Therefore TOD is not limited to featuring Lee Woodward or another Real Estate Academy trainer. Your TOD may feature the business owner or selected staff, yet be facilitated and produced by us. Or it could feature a combination of your team and ours. Including your own people is an excellent way to increase staff buy-in.

8. Optimal knowledge retention – TOD is digital blended learning (multimedia). This means it caters to all learning preferences because it features a blend of visual, audio and text communication styles. It treats people as individuals with different learning preferences.

9. TOD is the ultimate in-house professional development solution because it delivers short, sharp power sessions focused purely on the skills that need to be learned right now.

10. TOD is the answer to implementation within the business – Too many people get all the information yet fail to follow through to the activation stage. TOD is the solution to that dilemma because it is delivered when it is needed and provides everything people need for implementation. For instance, a TOD on prospecting would include a ‘Reasons to Call’ list that an agent could use immediately after completing the session.


The 10 steps to deliver your unique TOD program:

  1. TOD Request. Outline your immediate training objectives in an email or phone call to our team. This is your brief for the training you require right now for your organisation (or part of your organisation).
  2. Record Phone Brief. One-on-one phone session with Lee Woodward to discuss your specific training objectives for the program and drill down to the key points you need to be addressed.
  3. Creative Development. Customised creative development –This is where the real magic happens. It’s where we determine the approach, the elements and the media and how the program will be customised for your organisation. Which famous agents should we include? What documents do we need to showcase? What videos should we shoot or extract from our digital library and feature? Etc.
  4. Multimedia Production. The audio content for your training session will be recorded in our new state of the art, purpose-built communication and production studio (also known as ‘the Multimedia Bar’). This may include recorded interviews with others (including your own high performers) and featured industry leaders sharing the secrets to their success. The session will be tailored to meet your specific objectives and the current needs of your team. Other components, such as video, text, animations, and visuals are added where appropriate, and your multimedia session is produced, edited and mastered to world-class perfection.
  5. Create Digital Program. Create your unique TOD digital program – All the elements are loaded into your unique custom branded TOD Book and hosted on your behalf. We build it and store it for you in your own TOD Books account. No need to pay fees for overcomplicated Learning Management Systems. The completed session is presented to you as a single TOD Book link.
  6. Send, Share & Learn. Your TOD Book is ready for release and sharing with your current and future team members.
  7. Review & Response. Review & Feedback – Once everyone has studied the content of your TOD Book, hold a team meeting to discuss the key learnings and identify any areas that may be missing or could be improved to better suit your needs. Email us your feedback for action.
  8. Improvements & Additions. If you feel we have missed something in the build or need to adjust one or more elements to better suit your needs, we will action your brief now and modify what will become your library edition TOD Book link.
  9. Results & Actions. Momentum is achieved from the early adopters. Share the final TOD Book link throughout the organisation (or to the department that needs it) and observe those who take action versus those who don’t.This will reveal a lot about the individuals in your organisation.
  10. The Future Library. The potential of your TOD Library is almost limitless. For instance you could have us build a pre-onboarding TOD Book link for you to pre-qualify candidates. Did they complete the course in two days or two weeks? Did they submit any key learnings and questions? Did we miss something in the interview? Each TOD Book is a live link that can be revisited by staff any time, as often as required. It lives on forever and, because the platform is hosted by us, each TOD Book can also be modified and updated as required in the future for an additional service fee.


TOD technology is brilliantly designed to compress multimedia information with the additional benefit of having all large video files hosted on Real Estate Academy’s secure Vimeo video server. This keeps hosting light on gigabit costs.


Be a part of the future of real estate training and professional development. Contact Real Estate Academy on 1300 367 412 to learn more or to activate TOD in your business today.